Marleerio House was born out of true hobby and passion. 

Cynthia, Justin and their 3 children are based in San Rafael, California and travel from state to state, house to house always hunting for the perfect project to dive into. They are known for moving quickly and unapologetically in their decision making, oftentimes leaving friends and family stunned and wondering how they will manage. They live in old homes, fix them up and generally leave them once they are beautiful. Life is a little chaotic this way but it’s the only way they know. In having lived through many remodels and the various stages of them, they add a level of personal knowledge that is crucial in any project.

At Marleerio House we love taking on challenges. We are always looking for something new and creative to get our hands on. We love the hunt and the energy created when the full potential of a home is realized. Finding a way to turn design challenges into functional beauty is our driving force.

While every project is unique and personal needs are always at the forefront during the design process, there is a common thread that creates a Marleerio House. Our signature tends toward minimal and warm, while striving to create personalized spaces that above all, are functional, comfortable and sophisticated. 

We create homes that people love living in, homes they want to share.

Cynthia and Justin have been working for the last 10 years renovating and remodeling old houses that no one would touch. Their accidental love for flipping turned into a design business when they realized the joy created by bringing old homes back to life.